X-Men 2 – 2003 Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p 700mb 720p

Rating: 7.5/10
Director: Bryan Singer
Writer: Zak Penn (story), David Hayter (story), Bryan Singer (story), Michael Dougherty (screenplay), Dan Harris (screenplay), David Hayter (screenplay)
Stars: Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry
Runtime: 134 min
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Released: 02 May 2003

Synopsis: Several months have passed since The X-Men defeated Magneto and imprisoned him in a seemingly impregnable plastic chamber. One day, a mutant by the name of Nightcrawler infiltrates the White House and attempts to assassinate the president, setting off a chain reaction of anti-mutant measures by the government. Meanwhile, Logan is trying to discover his past. As scientist named William Stryker discovers Professor X’s secret school and Cerebro, Magneto’s partner, Mystique, is planning to break her leader out of prison. But when Professor X’s school is attacked by Stryker’s forces, Logan, Rogue, Iceman and a few are lucky to escape. Those who remain meet in Boston, where they form an uneasy alliance with Magneto to stop Stryker and rescue Professor X.
A mutant, Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming) tries to assassinate the President in the White House Oval Office, successfully defeating the White House’s Secret Service detail using his ability to teleport. He then vanishes at the last moment when a disabled guard is able to shoot him in the arm. He leaves behind a knife embedded in the President’s desk with a note attached reading “MUTANT FREEDOM NOW”. The incident stirs up anti-mutant feelings around the country, supporting the Mutant Registration Act that eliminates peaceful coexistence.

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) visits snowy Alkali Lake, hoping to learn about his origin, but finds nothing there except abandoned and decayed buildings near a dam.
The students from Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters are visiting a museum. Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) expresses fear of not controlling her powers to Cyclops (James Marsden). In the meantime, students Rogue (Anna Paquin), her boyfriend Bobby “Iceman” Drake (Shawn Ashmore) and troubled John “Pyro” Allerdyce (Aaron Stanford) get into a disagreement with some bullies in the museum; one bully seizes John’s Zippo lighter. When he goes to light a cigarette, John causes the flame to flare up. Bobby puts the fire out with his ability to produce freezing air. Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) has to halt the conflict by freezing everyone in time, except the mutants and tells John to stop showing off.

A retired military scientist, Colonel William Stryker (Brian Cox) who hates and wants to destroy the entire mutant race, visits the president, mentioning how close the teleporter had gotten to the President. He gets approval for an attack on the school, which he has discovered by interrogating the imprisoned Magneto (Ian McKellen). Mystique, in the guise of the late Senator Kelly (Bruce Davison) tries to object, but fails. Later, Stryker visits Magneto in his plastic prison cell to question him again, using a chemical placed on the back of his neck.Stryker demands to know everything Magneto knows about Cerebro.
The team discovers the plane is not fully functional and can’t lift off, but the dam is bursting. Jean Grey leaves the plane, and prevents everyone from getting her back aboard. She holds off the flood waters while lifting the plane. She saves the group, and then is overwhelmed. The whole team is devastated at losing Jean, especially Wolverine and Scott.

At the White House, the President’s televised speech is interrupted … everyone in the room freezes except the President … and the mutants. Professor Xavier presents him with information taken from Stryker’s lab. The mutant message is simple: “We’re here to stay.”

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