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Rating: 2.5/10
Directors: Dan Walton, Dan Zachary (co-director)
Writers: Ken King (screenplay), Dan Walton (story and characters)
Stars: Chloe Bear, Lynn Csontos, Natasha Davidson
Runtime: 1h 26min
Genre: Horror
Released: 11 April 2016

Summary: American Conjuring – aka Bind – is, rather confusingly, a Canadian horror movie. However almost all the action takes place at one location, so the country doesn’t matter too much. It’s on the North American continent which probably justifies the title.
The film begins in 2004 at the Carrington orphanage where one of the young girls is having a birthday party. Unfortunately the others bully her and dare her to go down into the supposedly haunted basement. Whilst down there she sees a scary old woman. Suffice to say that what happens next involves a knife and the closure of the orphanage.
This opening sequence is really powerful. The direction is nicely atmospheric with plenty of foreshadowing; we know roughly what’s going to happen, we’re just waiting for the details. It’s also unusual and suggested that the story was going to be something original.

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